Teal in the Estuary

Teal in the Estuary woodcut

Teal in the Estuary celebrates one of the smallest and fastest flying ducks which come to our shores. 

They arrive here for winter as it is warmer here and there is more food than in the arctic north. When the days lengthen again in March or April they will head back north to nest.

They are a pretty little duck, the males especially with a teal stripe on a chestnut head. Both the male and the female have a distinctive teal green wing patch. They jinx this way and that, so I love watching the teal in the estuary to-ing and fro-ing along the edge of the salt marsh. On this stretch of coast there are three starboard-hand buoys so shipping can safely navigate into Royal Portbury Docks. So it is a frequent sight to see the teal passing these green buoys.

Teal in the Estuary V/E 1 is shown framed. It is float mounted so you can see the torn paper edges. It is then mounted onto acid-free mount board printed with a couple more teal. This mounted print is supplied with or without the frame. The frame is UK-made of ash from sustainable sources.  The main print size excluding margin prints is 15 cm x 15 cm. Size of frame is 43 cm x 43 cm.

Teal in the Estuary
No. 2 Teal in the Estuary

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Teal in the Estuary woodcut

Teal in the Estuary

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