Moon and Curlew

moon and curlew woodcut
Linked in name and nature, the Moon and Curlew, this woodcut celebrates them both.
The curlew’s ancient Greek name is Numenius meaning new moon.  One of my favourite views is of a full moon tiptoeing from left to right across the top of Eastwood. It is an unusual sight as the moon’s path doesn’t often track this way.
Another marvel at this time of year is the migration of millions of birds. They move across the planet to find a favourable place to spend the winter. Curlews are one of these migrant birds and last winter I saw about 50 curlews here. So I am keeping my fingers crossed they will return again this year.
I often scribe stories into the wet ink of these Moon and Curlew woodcuts.  Sometimes it is the story of the curlew whose numbers are falling dramatically; or the story of the salt marsh, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, which is also under threat.
 If you would like to help curlews you can donate to a charity, Curlew Action, that is helping these iconic birds to survive.