Edge of Salt Marsh

Original prints - variable edition woodcut - Edge of Salt Marsh 3

Edge of Salt Marsh is a series of hand printed woodcuts and because they are hand printed each one is different. When you apply more ink and press firmly you get a solid imprint. When you apply less ink and press gently you get a lovely texture.  To make this series even more special I hand printed free-flying ducks in the margin.

Because no two are the same in either texture or colour the Edge of Salt Marsh prints are classed as variable edition prints (V/E).

How I printed the Edge of Salt Marsh

  • I carved 3 woodblocks. You carve woodblocks in reverse so it takes a bit of thought (text can be really challenging).
  •  You take multiple test prints to highlight high spots and unwanted marks.
  • When satisfied with the carving you can begin the printing process. I wanted a graduated background colour so inked up a blank woodblock to get a light to dark effect.
  • After the background ink had dried I was ready to ink up the master woodblock.
  • I printed this on top of the background colour before repeating the process with the remaining 2 blocks.

I used fade-resistant inks on acid-free paper so the prints will stand the test of time.

EDGE of SALT MARSH portfolio

The colours vary from mainly magenta and cyan in Gallery 1 . . .

. . . to more cyan than magenta in Gallery 2

. . . then more cyan and black in Gallery 3

. . . and finally more black than cyan giving a predominantly monotone effect in Gallery 4.

I hope you enjoy this series of woodcuts.

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