Hand printed woodcuts

Hand Printed Woodcuts

carved wood block

Woodblock printing is a medium I love

Hand printed woodcuts are such fun. I draw inspiration from my local salt marshes and carve the sights and impressions of these marshes into blocks of wood.

I don’t use a printing press or anything fancy just rub the impressions from the woodcuts onto paper by hand. If you apply a lot of ink and press hard the colour will be quite solid but use less ink and a softer touch will give a more textured effect. So each print is a unique “Variable Edition” print.

I have printed three series so far.

Original prints - variable edition woodcut - Edge of Salt Marsh 3

The Edge of Salt Marsh series of woodcuts is inspired by a view towards Denny Island in the Severn Estuary. In winter many hundreds of ducks, mainly teal and wigeon, come here. I watch them as they fly to and fro along the edge of the salt marsh.

You can see more about these prints at Edge of Salt Marsh.

No. 7 Curlews in the Estuary

The Curlews in the Estuary series of woodcuts is inspired by my love of this iconic bird. You can hear the curlew’s hauntingly beautiful call echoing across marshes. There are always curlews here but in the winter their numbers increase with herds of over 50. They can often be seen on the muddy edges of the creeks which are etched with patterns left by the ebbing tide.

You can see more prints from this series at Curlews in the Estuary

The Teal in the Estuary series and we are back with the winter wildfowl again. Though this is quite a different view of ducks from that in the Edge of Salt Marsh series.

More from this series coming soon.