Curlew postcard

curlew postcard

Thanks to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) asking for a postcard size donation I have discovered a new format. It has been great fun creating this curlew postcard, not a size I have worked with before. It is a lovely way for artists taking part in the Wildlife of the Artist of the Year (WAY) exhibition to further help the cause of wildlife conservation.

The curlew postcard shown here can be purchased directly from the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Shop. All the donated postcards by the selected WAY artists are for sale at £60. This donation supports the DSWF’s conservation work. 

curlew postcard

I loved working on this, so ended up printing a series of Curlew Sound woodcut.  Applying the ink thickly meant I could scribe words into the surface of these individually hand printed woodcuts. I like making marks in the ink and the textural effect that creates. Inspiration comes from my views across the Severn Estuary. A very stylised Denny Island has sneaked in as well. I can never resist a shapely island! Now I have discovered the joy of this smaller format I will be doing some more.

Click here to see the two curlew woodcuts selected for the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2021 exhibition.