About my art

Stitched sketchbooks

I have lots of sketches on loose bits of paper. Instead of keeping them hidden in folders or scattered around my studio I sew them into stitched sketchbooks. Not only […]

Giclée Print, what is it?

giclee print of yacht passing Denny Island

A giclée print is a high quality, fine art, digital print printed on an inkjet printer. These prints are archival quality because they are printed with fade-resistant inks on acid-free […]

Original Prints

Original prints - variable edition woodcut - Edge of Salt Marsh 3

As a general rule, original prints are printed by the artist while reproduction type prints are made by machine. Original printing is a fun process and can be very spontaneous. […]

Woodblock printing

  I love the act of carving wood, it is meditative and calming but that is just a small part of the process. When it comes to printing there are […]