Original Prints

Original prints - variable edition woodcut - Edge of Salt Marsh 3

As a general rule, original prints are printed by the artist while reproduction type prints are made by machine.

Original printing is a fun process and can be very spontaneous. There are many types of original prints from linocuts, etchings and screen prints to the humble potato print. The possible variations of hand printing are endless and often surprising, so it is a fascinating process.


Original prints – woodcuts

I love creating woodcuts. It is a similar process to linocuts but using wood instead of lino. I like the feel and texture of wood and the results that produces; you never know exactly what you are going to get!

Original prints - variable edition woodcuts

Variable edition hand-printed woodcuts – each one is unique.


Giclées are great prints but not originals

Because giclées are digital prints that are printed on an inkjet printer, each one is identical. So whether I have 10 or 10,000 printed they will all be exact copies. That makes giclée prints the perfect way to reproduce a painting, time and time again. Please click on giclée to find out more.

Lapwing and snipe - a limited edition giclee print
Lapwing and snipe – a limited edition giclee print


To see more of my orginal woodcut prints:

curlew postcard

Curlew postcard

Thanks to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) asking for a postcard size donation I have discovered a new format. It has been great fun creating this curlew postcard, not a […]

Finalist of Wildlife Artist of the Year

Wildlife Artist of the Year

Curlew art selected for Wildlife Artist of the Year It is always good to have curlews represented at major exhibitions to draw attention to their plight. So I am delighted […]

No. 1 Curlews in the Estuary

Curlews in the Estuary

You can use the same block multiple times on each print so you can apply different colours and build up textures. I press the paper onto the blocks by hand […]

Teal in the Estuary woodcut

Teal in the Estuary

Teal in the Estuary is the latest series I am working on. These are the first two prints from this series. I will add more here as I finish them. […]

Original prints - variable edition woodcut - Edge of Salt Marsh 3

Edge of Salt Marsh

Edge of Salt Marsh is a series of hand printed woodcuts and because they are hand printed each one is different. When you apply more ink and press firmly you […]