Giclée Print, what is it?

giclee print of yacht passing Denny Island

A giclée print is a high quality, fine art, digital print printed on an inkjet printer. These prints are archival quality because they are printed with fade-resistant inks on acid-free paper.

Giclée prints are sold as “open” or “limited” editions.  An open edition is not restricted by number; a limited edition is restricted to a number decided upon by the artist. Therefore a limited edition print is generally of greater value than an open edition print. I restrict my limited editions to 25 or less.

How did a giclée print get its name?

Jack Duganne, a French printmaker, first coined the term giclée in 1991. Noticing his inkjet squirted its ink, he derived the name from the French verb gicler meaning to squirt or spray.


These paintings are available as giclée prints

Lapwing and snipe

Lapwing and Snipe

Lapwing and snipe are two of my favourite waders and typically seen in this wetlands habitat.  I love the watery reflections and the muted colours here. As a child, I […]

Redshank Sunrise cropped

I am still setting up this website so this page is still under construction.

Hare and willow

Hare and willow

This is a hare seen on the Somerset Levels. It is available as a giclée print.  

Yacht and Denny

I love this view of a yacht passing Denny Island. What began as a simple watercolour sketch was finished with oil pastels to give texture and soul. This is a […]