Teal – down and dirty


Half submerged in the gloopy mud soup of Portishead Hole on a low spring tide were some very mucky teal sifting for food (small invertebrates). As their heads disappeared beneath the liquid mud it looked like the teal equivalent of bobbing for apples but much much dirtier!


Seen in March when a very low spring tide had exposed the muddy bottom of Portishead Hole

It’s rare to see teal here as they usually favour the less disturbed Chapel Pill creek at the other end of the marsh.

Sketch notes
Sketched with Supracolor water soluble pencils plus 4B and 2H pencils on Bockingford 300 gms paper.

Colours used: bluish pale, umber, dark carmine, russet and scarlet.
Plus empire green for the teal’s wing bars.

Useful link
For more about teal visit the RSPB website at: www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/birdguide/name/t/teal/index.aspx


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