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Hilary Kington on the salt marsh

My love of coastal wildlife began many years ago when I worked on an inshore fishing boat. This was the start of my fascination for coastal landscapes.

Wading birds are a favourite subject and often the best place to see them is on the salt marsh. So over the years I have grown to value these marshlands. I enjoy studying and sketching this unique habitat. A sense of place is important as wildlife is never seen in isolation but as part of the landscape.

I have been drawing and painting since childhood, so for more years than a care to remember.  I paint mainly in watercolour, though as I am self-taught I have picked up my own methods of using this medium. Water, light and movement constantly fascinate me and birds in flight I find very exciting.


I am fortunate to have exhibited my work at some great venues over the years including:

You can see some of my paintings and woodcuts on my website at www.ukwildlifeart.co.uk

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  1. This is wonderful. I cannot believe that you are self taught. The atmosphere and the detail are finely executed. As in your writing, the love of your land shines through. A very well organized blog.

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