My Salt Marsh Blog

My salt marsh blog began in March 2013.

This is when I first visited my local salt marshes and became inspired.

One of the sketches on my salt marsh blog

“My” salt marshes are small, so I didn’t think it would take too long to sketch everything I saw.   I was wrong.

There is always something different here; the wildlife, the weather, the light, the seasons and the views. Sometimes there are ships, sometimes tugs or deer and sometimes nothing but sea, sky and peace. So I am still here several years later, still sketching and still inspired.  I have learnt much about the birds, mammals and plants along the way, and there is always more to learn. So the salt marsh has lost none of its fascination.

This salt marsh blog is a collection of many of these sketches. It is a visual record of the salt marsh, month by month. I am publishing some of these sketches in a series of monthly books while others are just here for your enjoyment. I hope you get pleasure from looking.

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