October Teal

October teal in the Bristol Channel

October teal in the Bristol Channel on a gorgeous autumn morning. The sun is shining and flocks of teal fly to and fro at the tide’s edge. I am on the English side of the Bristol Channel, aka the Severn Estuary and once known as the Severn Sea. The distant Welsh hills look blue in this dawn sunlight.

This is typical view from this salt marsh which lies next to Royal Portbury Docks, so a lot of ships pass by.

By October teal have arrived from colder northern and arctic regions to spend the winter here.

Teal are small ducks, known for their fast, jinxing flight. The males are particularly handsome with a chestnut head and green eye patch. Both sexes have a tell tale teal green wing stripes. Absence must make the heart grow fonder, as I am always excited to see the first teal arrive in the autumn. They will stay until about March before heading back north to breed.

October Teal in the Bristol Channel

This is a watercolour and gouache painting with a touch of water soluble pencils to add more texture. My palette was yellow ochre, english red, indian red, cerulean blue and winsor green.

This painting appeared in the October salt marsh sketches book and is available as a giclee print. Only the original painting has a handwritten description, sketches and colour palette in the bottom margin.

october teal
“October teal in the Bristol Channel” an original with even more in the margin