Edge of Salt Marsh 2

Variable Edition Woodcut - Edge of Salt Marsh 2

Edge of Salt Marsh 2 is a variable edition, hand-printed woodcut. Woodcuts are original prints as each one is slightly different.

The Edge of Salt Marsh series is a Variable Edition (V/E) because each print uses a different colour palette. All the prints are also hand-finished so they are “one-offs”.

The free-flying ducks printed outside of the frame are a feature of this series of woodcuts.

Do you know how I printed Edge of Salt Marsh 2?

  • Firstly I carved 2 woodblocks (in reverse).
  • I began by inking up an uncarved block for the background colour.
  • Once this had dried I inked up the first carved woodblock.
  • I printed this on top of the background colour before repeating the process with the remaining carved block.

So for Edge of Salt Marsh 2 I used a total of 4 woodblocks with fade-resistant inks on acid-free paper.

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