Towards the docks

Updated 15 January 2014IMG_8956

Vessels entering Royal Portbury Docks steam parallel to the dock wall just a stone’s throw from Portbury Wharf salt marsh making it a great spot to watch both ships and wildlife.  Above an oil pastel and pencil sketch of a pair of roe deer and tug.


I love this simple view with cool colours and a great combination of verticals and horizontals in this little sketch of teal flying towards the dock wall.


Further along the dock wall as the tide rises. . .IMG_8749

. . . and at dusk I could just make out the silhouettes of teal and the light on the end of the dock wall.


LIke a pair of giant crickets ready to leap! There is something curiously appealing about these cranes.


But I am not sure this cacophony of cranes and lampposts has quite the same appeal – interesting nevertheless.


This is another view I love – looking towards the lighthouse and to Severnside power station.  I never thought that I would find industrial landscapes quite so captivating but there is something about large bold shapes. Add to this the clouds of dunlin rising and falling in the foreground what could be better.


A closer view of the lighthouse on the dock wall with yet more teal . . .IMG_8752

. . . and the long view from just outside the lock gates at Portishead marina across Portishead Hole to the docks and Servernside. Portbury Wharf salt marsh is in the bay to the right.


A very colourful, bright and breezy day on an exceptionally high spring tide. The sea was rough and the waves surged across the marsh.

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