The Grimaldi Line

A frequent sight are the comings and goings of the Grimaldi line at Royal Portbury Dock. These chunky, car transporters, in their distinctive yellow livery, brighten up the dullest of days.


Arriving just before dawn the lights of a tug lit up the Gran Bretagna.

Meanwhile the beautiful call of the curlews rang out as they flew past. It was still too dark to see them but that made their call all even more magical in the half light. I could also just make out 3 pairs of ears protruding from the salt marsh. These belonged to a faily of roe deer.IMG_7907

In the growing light I could make out a large flock of dunlin flying past.


The summer views of another Grimaldi, the Grande Sicilia are equally brilliant and full of colour.IMG_6135IMG_6121


This time ringed plover as well as dunlin flew past.



Picking up a tug by the middle buoy in the company of a small flock of wigeon . . .


Making a colourful backdrop for the large flocks of teal which gather here in winter.


IMG_7922 IMG_7909

Another Grimaldi being tugged past the lighthouse into Royal Portbury Dock.

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