Swimming Roe Deer

The first rays of morning sun cast a gorgeous pink hue across the marsh and lit upon two handsome roe bucks with velvet covered antlers. This wonderful sight was accompanied by the song of a skylark emanating from high overhead and I stared skywards for some minutes searching the dense blue for distant specks of larks.

IMG_1520 - Version 2

When I turned my attention back to the deer one of the bucks had moved towards Chapel Pill and surprised me by wading into the water and swimming across the creek. I had heard that deer swim across here sometimes but had never actually witnessed it. IMG_1520 - Version 4

A lone curlew flew out of the creek but the shelduck, wigeon, Canada geese and oystercatchers had obviously seen it all before and gave scant regard to this featherless swimmer amongst them. IMG_1520 - Version 3

The second buck who had been browsing in the corner of the marsh by the dock fence decided to follow suit and ran down the edge of the creek to the favoured crossing point watched by his compatriot on the opposite bank. Once across they both headed slowly towards the docks until out of sight.

It had been one of those “good to be alive” mornings and I headed home contented and with an appreciation of how lucky I had been to see and hear so much whilst bathed in the warmth of the early spring sunshine.


I used permanent rose watercolour to suggest the pink hue that lay across the marsh along with raw and burnt siennas, sap green and cobalt turquoise light . . . plus indian yellow in the righthand sketch.


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