Scruffy roe bucks


May is a time when the roe deer are moulting into their summer coats.  This buck’s new red coat is just peeping through his scruffy winter suit.

IMG_1917. . . and only a little of the winter velvet remains on his antlers.


But some bucks take a little longer preparing for summer . . . it was the end of May when I saw these two young bucks, both with antlers still fully covered in velvet. The one on the left was a pricket . . . a deer in its second year whose antlers have not yet branched.

IMG_1915I was distracted by a heron which had flown silently over my head like a stealth bomber and landed in the creek.. .

. . . then noticed the two young bucks heading back towards me. I was caught out in the open with nowhere to conceal myself so stood stock still.


They were so close now that I was sure that I would be “found out” at any moment.

IMG_1925 - Version 2

Surely he is looking directly at me, he must have seen me, but no,
the cool wind was working in my favour and he could not pick up my scent.
After a moment’s hesitation he continued walking towards me.

The pair sat down in the sunshine just metres away, the banks of the creek shielded them from the wind, quite a cosy spot.

When they were both looking in the other direction I inched away and left them to enjoy their morning undisturbed.


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