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My Salt Marsh Blog

This blog began in March 2013

I love the salt marsh and am so inspired by its wildlife and landscapes that I want to capture its life and atmosphere in a collection of paintings and book.

To soak up the mood of the salt marsh, to watch it change through the seasons and to learn more about its plants and wildlife I am beginning with a series of working sketches and it is these which are displayed on this blog.

Once I have finished the sketches I will paint those aspects of the marsh which most inspire, excite and best depict this wonderful and unique habitat.

Update May 2014

When I first started this project it was with the aim of producing just 100 sketches over the year but have been so captivated with the salt marsh and the wealth and diversity of its wildlife and landscapes that I now intend to do at least 1000 sketches and 100 paintings.

From these I hope to produce a series of “sketch” books plus a larger “coffee table” book of the paintings, with I daresay some sketches as well, depicting the changing face of the marsh through the seasons.  So lots of work still to do!

. . . To see some of my previous wildlife work please visit my website at www.ukwildlifeart.co.uk.


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