Roe deer triplets

The start of a delicious autumn morning as the sun got ready to rise over the dockyard cranes.


Clouds of mist billowed from the lake and poured across the sea embankment. The mist hung so low on the salt marsh that the tops of the dockyard cranes were still visible above.

Once passed the lake the mist ended abruptly and I could see everything. The everything included several pairs of eyes watching me.  The eyes belonged to two families of roe deer including a mother with triplets. It was very unusual to see triplets.

So as not to alarm them I continued walking along the path but once out of sight I doubled back unseen.


There was a great deal of shipping activity going on this morning. At one point a tug passed behind the deer but soon evaporated into the blanket of mist which had now settled offshore.



Swimming the creek

The triplets browsed on the marsh undisturbed for about half an hour under the watchful eye of their mother. Then something disturbed them. From my vantage point I couldn’t see what, but they headed off up the marsh.


Mum headed to the creek looking for a suitable place for her family to cross. Swimming the creek seems to be a daily activity for these salt marsh deer but I imagine it is not quite so easy for these three youngsters.

It was high tide and a cargo vessel was being escorted into Royal Portbury Dock just beyond the creek.

Mum swam the flooded creek and waited on the opposite bank. It took the kids several minutes to reach her but once reunited they bounded off towards the docks They are safe here as it is not accessible to the public.

I went home relishing my morning with Mum and triplets.

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