Roe deer triplets

The start of a delicious autumn morning as the sun got ready to rise over the dockyard cranes.


Clouds of mist rose from the top end of the lake, poured across the sea embankment and hugged the salt marsh. I could still see the cranes towering above the blanket of mist but in its midst it was dense and damp.


A hundred yards further and I emerged from the mist laden path into the bright, clear dawn with several pairs of eyes watching me. A buck, doe and yearling were well known to me but I was surprised by another group of deer even closer to me, a doe with triplets.

Deer usually hold their ground if you keep to the path and keep walking so I carried on until the path dipped out of their view and then doubled back unseen to watch them.


There was a great deal of shipping activity going on this morning and a tug passing behind them gradually disappeared into the bank of mist which had now settled just offshore.



The triplets browsed on the marsh undisturbed for about half an hour under the watchful eye of their mother before something disturbed them and they headed off up the marsh.

IMG_5659The family ran up and down the creek looking for a place to swim the high tide and return to the safety of the marshland within the dock boundary, an area with no public rights of way. In the distance a cargo vessel was being escorted into Royal Portbury Dock.

From where I was I couldn’t see them swim the creek but did see the mother waiting patiently on the opposite bank. It took the kids several minutes to catch up and they all bounded off towards the dock wall.

It had been another great morning for deer watching.

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