Lapwing to Logo

In winter the lapwings arrive, they are such attractive birds now sadly under threat. Occasionally I see a flock of them drop down on to the mudbanks offshore but their favoured spot is the island in the middle of the lake in Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve (PWNR).

The reserve runs alongside the salt marsh and is battling to survive an uncertain future.


So when I was asked to produce a logo for the Friends of Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve the distinctively marked lapwing was perfect.


Based on the pen and ink sketch at the top of the page I produced these two black and white versions . . .


. . . and then simplified them further to come up with this one which the Friends of PWNR now use as the centrepiece for their logo.

_MG_5027 - Version 2B

In addition I painted a second version as my tribute to Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve.

To support the Friends in their bid to save the nature reserve visit their website Friends of Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve, and “Like” them on Facebook


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