March sketches – cormorants, wheatear and teal

Okay so its nearly August but my mind is in March as I gather together my sketches for the March book.  I love the simplicity of pencil sketches.

The distinctive shape of  cormorants – wonderful birds to sketch.

Teal in flight – there will be more of these, I can’t resist a teal at full pelt!

Then there is the Wheatear a spring visitor all the way from central Africa.

It has quite an upright stance with a bandit face mask, grey back, black wings and tail, a white rump and a reddish flourish under its beak.

It perched just a stone’s throw from the redshank, not birds you would expect to see together – except on a salt marsh.



March views

Sketches for the March book . . .

4th March. The tide is out and the muddy edge of the salt marsh is clearly visible. IMG_1754

Twice a day the tide comes in and buffets against this ledge, eroding it in places . . .


. . . and laying down sediment elsewhere creating new salt marsh.


On the grassy ledge is a crow – maybe not a universally popular bird with its harsh cawing call but there is a lovely reflected light in its eyes and on its wings and back.


Out on the tidal mud is a sleeping curlew. Even though its characteristic long curved beak is hidden beneath its feathers its outline is unmistakeable.


They make balancing on one leg look so easy!


Having a rest but keeping a wary eye on surroundings.


Then time for probing around in the soft mud looking for worms.


March can be such a gloriously moody month with dramatic heavy skies blowing across the muddy waters of the channel to the Welsh hills . . .

IMG_1676. . . and creating a muted tapestry at Battery Point.