Below Portishead Pier

At low tide the walls of Portishead pier are revealed in all their textured, rusty splendour and the redshank rest on the glossy mud below . . .  a study in ochres. There are some great paintings using only ochres and the pier is certainly an inspiring tonal subject but today I could not resist the sight of the redshank flying past the yacht’s blue rigging. I love the asymmetry of the mast and the delicious combination of  “cerulean” and “cobalt turquoise light” amongst the ochres.


. . . and that was not the only blue in Portishead hole – lying in the mud was an old oil drum masquerading as a mooring buoy.


The reflections from the pier, yacht, buoy and redshank bounced off what little water was left . . .


. .. and when the sun shone wonderful blue “mud shadows” were cast. . . not so much ochre after all.



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2 thoughts on “Below Portishead Pier

  1. Hilary,it’s been the best summer for years and,for me, it’s been enriched by your Saltmarsh Sketchbook blog. Such skilful,accurate sketches and informative,often inspirational texts;I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it all.
    So many thanks for that and I look forward to the next episodes!

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