Beautiful purple sandpipers but oh gosh its cold!

Seen 30 March 2013
Sketch of purple sandpiper using 2H and HB pencilsThe best time to see purple sandpipers here is at high tide.

Battery Point is a great place to see ships passing within feet of the shore. Or to get a good view of wintering purple sandpipers. This morning I was not disappointed on either count. It was actually a sunny morning but it was very cold with a bitter,  easterly wind.


There were at least five tugs escorting the large Panamanian bulk carrier Ocean Lord. They steered it past Battery Point toward Royal Portbury Dock. In front of them six purple sandpipers combed the lichen covered rocks for food.


Purple sandpipers and tug Svitzer Moira leading the Ocean Lord

These beautiful wading birds were constantly on the go. They busily worked their way along the rocks on the headland. I was rather hoping they would move into the lee of the wind so I could have a more comfortable view. They never did.

I watched until I felt chilled to the bone and the lure of a hot drink tempted me home. But still it was a rewarding morning but I had been no match for the resilience of the wildlife.



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