About me

My love of coastal wildlife began many years ago when I worked on an inshore fishing boat, first in the Bristol Channel and then the English Channel.

Wading birds are a favourite and often the best place from which to view them is the salt marsh. Over the years I have grown to value these marshlands and enjoy studying and sketching this unique habitat.

My art, which is self taught, is my visual diary. I like to depict wildlife within its natural habitat and try to capture the atmosphere of the moment.  Water, light and movement constantly fascinate me and I find birds in flight very exciting.

To see my sketches please have a look at the posts on this blog but if you would like to see my paintings please visit my website www.ukwildlifeart.co.uk.

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2 thoughts on “About me

  1. This is wonderful. I cannot believe that you are self taught. The atmosphere and the detail are finely executed. As in your writing, the love of your land shines through. A very well organized blog.

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