A very dapper duck

Teal are such handsome little ducks, especially the chaps, who are bedecked with chestnut heads, green eye patches and pale yellow tails framed in black . . . and the bright green wing bars (speculum) so translucent in the sunlight.

IMG_7509. . . a watercolour and oil pastel sketch. Yes, it is a somewhat weird and unorthodox combination but great fun to do and I rather like the texture.


Hundreds of these dapper little ducks congregate at Chapel Pill during the winter. These three females were sunning themselves on the mudbanks high up in the creek, while way, way below teal zigzagged out of the creek. The female does not have the colourful wardrobe of the male but still shares the green wing bars.


. . . although at times they are well hidden beneath layers of feathers.


High up on the bank were these drakes, two were soaking up the sun but the third was back in the shadows.IMG_7496

. . . whilst this drake was in the bottom of the creek in what little water remained on the low tide. IMG_7506

Teal spring up almost vertically and are fast flyers – the collective noun for teal is very aptly a “spring” of teal. IMG_7499

It is in flight when the green wing bars edged with white are most visible and especially lustrous in the sun. I do so enjoy watching the teal at Chapel Pill.

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